Response To Linkin Parks ATS Album

I just finished reading a great piece Mike Shinoda wrote out about “haters and the converted”.I have to speak out because what mike wrote was totally kick ass and true.As a fan from the start of LP I have grown with them and adapted to their fluid and in your face beats,which always speak truth.I can’t think of a single song they have brought to us that I haven’t listened to the lyrics and been totally amazed at the connection of life as it is,and said fuck yah! I have taken each song through out the years and the beat with it and ran like no ones business.Change in my eyes is a must,you can’t paint the same piece of art every single time you paint,what’s the point? Art is an expression and an invitation to show others and help them release their own expressions which ever way they choose.

A Thousand Suns is a great and I mean a GREAT expression of so many things, it takes you a bit to chomp your way through it.First off the album name itself spoke volumes to me and then to hear the names of the songs clearly outlined the meaning and purpose of this album.When has LP ever not had a bold statement to show to the world? Every single song on ATS feels to me like it’s a collection of every part of the worlds history and a reminder of what was,is and will be.The beats to me are almost specific to a time and a place,to a piece of my world,a piece of my next door neighbors world  and stretched to around the globe,if you get what I’m saying. If you want change for better you make change and pass that change around to as many people as possible,some finger you for your ideas,thoughts and expressions and others bite it and then there are the ones who need to think about it and find out how it will fit into their own life.I think too many people are stuck on wanting to keep things as they are and don’t want to accept the revolving world in which we live.I say oh to be you guys who miss out on good shit and drown in the negativity of that little piece of world you occupy.

LP…you guys are always ever changing and keep your fans who are true and understand the methods of your madness,intrigued and on our toes.I wouldn’t expect anything but your constant change in the music world,you just wouldn’t be LP if  you stayed the same continuous beats.I wouldn’t have been plugged in all these years if I didn’t have you guys rolling up in a cardboard 2″x 2″ box and all of you climbing out of it like a clown car,it’s always a surprise and dammit keep it that way!

To the ones who want to hate,go ahead and hate,you’re probably the ones stuck clinging to a life that long ago lived. Let go and open up,I’m sure life will surprise you and you will be happier people,nothing will always be the same on our planet,we are forever changing,get with the times.To the converted,welcome to a new time,a different way,a piece of history.To the faithful..keep up your support,these boys deserve it for everything they’ve done from making kick ass songs to being humanitarians.

Peace all!

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